A great way to connect with people around the church is by volunteering with them. Chestnut Ridge Church functions thanks to the diligent efforts of an army of volunteers. Whether they are on stage, behind the coffee bar, or in the nursery, each and every volunteer at The Ridge is a part of making all of the awesome events, moving services, and relevant teaching happen. 

Want to help make it happen?

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We know that volunteering can be intimidating, especially in a church. What if you don’t like your new volunteer position? Are you going to get a guilt trip before you leave? What if you decide you would rather serve somewhere else?

That’s why we offer the Test Drive experience. You have the opportunity to try out serving in an area of the church with no commitment. You can shadow someone and stay in the background or jump in and get your hands dirty. Your Test Drive experience will be driven by you.

Interested in what your spiritual gifts may be? Click here to take a survey. Interested in serving? Check out where volunteers are needed most right now to make a difference at The Ridge, and then take a Test Drive.


Volunteers needed for:

Special Needs Volunteer

Special Needs Volunteer — Help to provide a safe and loving place in the Incredibles room so parents can feel confident leaving their child for an hour with volunteers who have the heart and patience to assist kids with special needs. Take a Test DriveTypically serves one to two Sundays a month during the 9 am service. 

Traffic Volunteer

Traffic Volunteer — If you’d like to make a positive difference for attendees and guests by helping with the flow out of the parking lot on Sunday mornings, click here to take a Test Drive. Typically serves one or two Sundays a month.

Stage Manager - Weekend Programming

Stage Manager – Weekend Programming – If you like being behind the scenes and not in the limelight, then being a stage manager is perfect for you. You will assist the Event Director before and during the weekend services, as well as provide hospitality to help take care of the team. Typically serves one Sunday a month for the three services. Take a Test Drive.

Library Volunteer

Library Volunteer – Help others find and borrow books, DVDs, weekend message tools, audio books, parenting resources, study materials and more by serving in the Library & Resource Center. Typically serves one or two Sundays per month after one of the services. Take a Test Drive.

Guest Services Greeter

Guest Services Greeter – Help to create an incredible experience for every person attending The Ridge by welcoming guests with an inviting smile and a friendly greeting as they enter the building and the auditorium for the weekend services. Typically serves two Sundays per month during one of the services. Take a Test Drive.

Welcome Center—Kids

Welcome Center – Kids – Make a great first impression by greeting each family and guiding them through the registration, check-in, and security processes so they feel welcome and informed. Typically serves one Sunday a month for one service. Take a Test Drive.

Nursery Volunteer

Nursery Volunteer — Babies know when they are being genuinely comforted. If you like to cuddle babies and laugh with toddlers, take a Test DriveTypically serves one or two Sundays a month. New volunteers are especially needed for Sunday evening services.

Preschool Volunteer

Preschool Volunteer – Make a difference with a small group of children by creating memorable experiences which reinforce the large-group story and connect the bottom line with their everyday life. Typically serves two Sundays a month. Take a Test Drive. New volunteers are especially needed for Sunday evening services.

Elementary Volunteer

Elementary Volunteer — Volunteers connect with K–4th-grade kids through worship, character development, helping them learn God’s Word, and by building quality friendships with one another. Take a Test DriveTypically serves two Sundays a month.