Living out the Message:

By Barb Barnhart

Joy is an emotion that can be seen on one’s face. Your face can’t help it! It helps to expose the treasure you hold in your heart. As we grow up, joy is seen in different ways. 

During the Preschool Family Experience on Sunday, the children were asked to pretend to be Peter walking on the water to Jesus. They were in a nice line walking a path from the boat to Jesus. Then someone (me) had the wonderful idea to turn on the bubble machine to represent the ocean waves. Some might say that pandemonium ensued…

They squealed and jumped.
They smiled and giggled.
The looks of wonder were on their faces.
The children could not contain their joy!
True joy can’t be contained or prescribed by adult perspectives. 

Pastor Tim was teaching on Sunday morning.  He was sharing about searching for the treasure found in God’s Word. This treasure of redemption is hidden throughout the Bible waiting for us to search and find it. As Pastor Tim taught, the smile on his face was evidence of the joy he has found in the treasure of Jesus, his Savior!

As you and I delve into this relationship with Jesus, studying God’s Word becomes a lifeline and a source of joy. Through prayer and Bible study, the joy of discovering the treasures of God becomes a part of who you are. Allow yourself the joy of a deeper relationship with Jesus, your Savior! Your face will thank you!

As a deer longs for streams of water, so I long for You, God.–Psalm 42: 1