The Ridge volunteers are a part of “the big win” in everything we do. This past weekend, the three weekend services were about recognizing our volunteers. We wanted to thank all of those who serve at the Ridge for their time and sacrifice in helping create environments where people can grow in their relationship with God and others.

We also took time in each service to recognize a few specific volunteers, and to honor how they are carrying out the values and mission of the church. You will see the awards listed below. Feel free to share this with others! And a big THANK YOU to all our volunteers!

Lifetime Achievement

Sometimes there are people who serve quietly and faithfully behind the scenes, often for years and years without much notice or recognition. We have many unsung heroes amongst us. Here are a few people who have been serving faithfully for many years:

Lifetime Achievement award winners:

Bill Post, Brian Watkins, Jeremy Farnham, Jim Ottinger

Others who are leading the way in lifetime achievement: Chris Nichols, Richard Rohrssen, Pamela VanScoy, Shannon Shrewsberry, Nate Jones, Ann Wolfe, Jennifer Smith, Frank Dailey, Vicki Sealey, Ricky Beamer

Relevant Environments

Our strategy as a church is to create environments that are appealing, engaging, and helpful for people. We realize that God is the one who changes peoples’ lives. But we can be a part of the story by creating settings that people love to come to; a place where people can hear all about God’s love for them, and how they fit into God’s story.

At the Ridge, we have some really great environments that people are drawn to.  Whether it’s our Sunday service, Mosaic in-home gatherings, community groups, Starting Point, Wired or dv8, we can actually build relational bridges in these settings so people are in a better place to receive spiritual truth. We want to recognize a few of the people that have done so much to make these environments a setting for life change.

Relevant Environment award winners:

Jakob, Samuel, Megan and Kimberly Martin

Others who are leading the way in relevant environments: Zachary Tardiff, Seth Miller, Melissa Smith, Rob Bills, Abby Monson

Strategic Service

We believe that God has given all of us talents and spiritual gifts. We believe our gifts have maximum impact when used in the context of our church strategy. Some of the people who serve here at the Ridge are not only in their sweet spot, they are having a maximum impact in the way they are using their giftedness.

Strategic Service award winners:

Chris Brown, Brent Wertz, Jennifer Selfridge, Bethany Painter

Others who are leading the way in strategic service: Jon & Darla Hickey, Jillian Long, Samantha Winnings, David Annonio, Rick Thomason, Mary Boroff, Lois Owens, Richie Rohrssen, Frank Dailey, Ricky Beamer

Next Steps

As a church staff, we  know that people are at very different places in their spiritual growth. We also know that people grow by taking steps. So we are always looking for what that best next step is for someone to take.  For example, if someone comes to our Sunday service but hasn’t been involved in anything else, we want to ask them questions to help them find their next appropriate environment… it might be Next, or Starting Point, or getting into a group, or Life Care.  Let’s remember that it’s not any one individual’s job to fill another’s cup, but it is our privilege to pour out our gifts on one another. As we work together in different areas and environments in the church, we will grow in our relationship with God and others. We want to honor someone who has not only taken steps themselves, but who has been instrumental in helping others take next steps at the Ridge in the process of serving.

Next Steps award winners:

Terry & Denise McMillen

Others who are leading the way in “next steps:”  Trudy Sylvester, Mike Mansberry, Abby Monson, Teresa Martin, Amanda Murray, Larry Elliot, Stephanie and Marc Phillips

Relational Evangelism

Here at the Ridge, we believe that evangelism happens the best in the context of relationships. We can be a part of reaching people by investing in our relationships with them, and then inviting them to environments where they can hear more about God and His story. We can be there alongside them as they take steps to grow. We want to honor people who have done a great job of investing in relationships and inviting people to the Ridge.

Relational Evangelism award winners:

Pam & Clete VanScoy

Others who are leading the way in relational evangelism: Larry Elliott, Daniel Sisler, Chad Smith, Mike Mansberry, David Annonio, Jeremy Reed

Intentional Apprenticing  

As we serve in the church, it’s our responsibility to intentionally apprentice others by passing on to them the knowledge, skills and opportunities that we’ve been given. There are people here at the Ridge who invite others to be a part of what they are doing, asking them to serve alongside them so they can pass on what they’ve learned. These people take the time to include others in the process of serving.

Intentional Apprenticing award winner:

Chris Murray

Others who are leading the way in intentional apprenticing: Lois Owens, Mindy Morrell, Brent Wertz, Chris Nichols, Dave Roddy, Jamie Parker, Nate Jones, Pete Franczyk, Steve & Dorinda Kisner

Authentic Community

At the Ridge, we believe that spiritual growth and sustained life changes takes place best in the context of relationships. We don’t just want people learning in rows, we want them sitting in circles in a small group where they can be relationally connected. We want them to have authentic Christian community by experiencing accountability, belonging and care in a community group. Some people at the Ridge are not only a part of authentic community- they are helping others find that accountability, belonging and care through Starting Point, Group Link and Community groups.

Authentic Community award winners:

Abby Monson and Andrew Sisler

Others who are leading the way in authentic community: Charlotte Lawhorne, Courtney Smith, Andrea Miller, Allison Miller, Krista Wickey, Ann Wolfe, Jennifer Smith, Barry Loring, Tokunbo Fadahunsi, Seth Miller, Robert Bills, Destiny Riggleman, Howard & Teresa Martin, John & Courtney Rogers