A great way to connect with people around the church is by volunteering with them.  Chestnut Ridge Church functions thanks to the diligent efforts of an army of volunteers.  Whether they are on stage or behind the coffee bar or in the nursery, without each and every volunteer at CRC all the awesome events, moving services, and relevant teaching would not happen. Do you want to help make it happen? We know that volunteering can be intimidating, especially in a church.  What if you don’t like your new volunteer position?  Are you going to get a guilt trip before you leave?  What if you decide you would rather serve somewhere else? That’s why we offer the Test Drive experience.  You have the opportunity to try out serving in an area of the church with no commitment.  You can shadow someone and stay in the background or jump in and get your hands dirty.  Your Test Drive experience will be driven by you.

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