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  • How have you seen, experienced or been changed by the church’s investment in the next generation?
  • How were you invited or made to feel welcomed when you came?
  • How has The Ridge been a part of your story, your journey, your walk?

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For the past few weeks, the church has had glass jars for people to take home and fill with change for Chestnut Mountain Ranch’s program called Change the Course (for boys). It’s such a great program!

I took a jar last week, but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to fill it, because I rarely have cash/change on me, but I decided to trust God that He would provide. So, I looked in my purse and my car and found more change than I realized I had…this filled the jar about 1/4 of the way full. A light bulb went on that I had a little piggy bank at home with—what I remembered to only be—a little bit of change in it. And it really only had a little in it, but it completely filled the jar to the brim!

This is so like my God!!! He’s perfect! He’s faithful! He’s so, so good! This reminds me of the story about the loaves and the fishes! He’s a good provider and will always, always supply all of our needs! He’ll never let us down!


We are so grateful for our Chestnut Ridge Church family and friends! A couple of weeks ago Justin had a 6-month checkup and PET scan. His scan showed something suspicious, and he was scheduled for a biopsy. We immediately asked our church family to start praying. We had people checking on us daily and even had people from the church who we didn’t know tell us that they had been praying. God answered our prayers, and we received a good report! We are so blessed to be part of a church where people truly care about us!

Justin & Katie

[While listening to the Beyond-Part 1 podcast about The Ridge being an inviting church…] I just wanted to say that I attended the church in 2012–2015, and I was in a college small group. The church and the group I attended was the most inviting atmosphere I had ever been in. Those three years helped to shape and gear my life towards Jesus, and I’ve never looked back since! I just wanted to let you know how influential the small group was in my life and the connections with life-long friends that were gained in the process. I’ll always be grateful for those that helped shape my life. Jessica

In 2009, my youngest daughter had an aneurysm and brain surgery. After the surgery she could not work for 4 months, and to offset the expenses of life, we organized a fundraiser. Chestnut Ridge Church was accommodating in allowing me to hold the fundraiser there. As she improved, she would tell me that she had friends that attended Chestnut Ridge, and she was going to start attending (we were attending another church), but she put it off. One Sunday, I told her to be ready, I would pick her up at 10:30, and we would go.

When we walked into the building there was an immediate feeling of the Holy Spirit. We felt welcomed and relaxed, however, the revelation was when my wife said she wanted to attend regularly. The work of the Holy Spirit in her has awed me. I know it is not the church but the work of Jesus Christ, but it is apparent He is at work in CRC.