Middle School

The middle school years are filled with growth, change, and excitement for students. That’s exactly what the middle school group is about! Students are challenged to think about what they believe, as they take their next steps toward a faith of their own.

High School

High school students can take a break from all the noise of life and connect with other students and God at The Ridge. Students are encouraged to become part something bigger than themselves by doing life together with each other and their leaders.

Ridge Students has groups for all students! Check out the options below.
Tiki Tuesdays
  • All students in 6th-12th grade are welcome to attend Tiki Tuesdays. 
  • The event will take place from 7:00-8:30pm in the parking lot (outside) at The Ridge.
  • During our time together, we will hangout, play socially distanced yard games, enjoying snacking on some good food, and round out each week with real talk in small groups!
  • Because we care about the health and safety of our students, we will implement guidelines to do our part in keeping students safe.
Online Small Groups


  • All students are invited to hop on Zoom at 7:00pm on Thursdays for small group each week!
  • Our desire is to provide some really great content, an opportunity for you to model what a relationship with God looks to your students, and for you all to grow closer to Jesus and each other.
  • Our hope is to provide a way for students who are unable or prefer not to connect in person, to still get connected with leaders and grow together!
  • Our weekly email will include a link that gives access to your student for the Zoom call.
  • We will do a lesson and have a discussion for about 30-45 minutes.
  • Contact Andrew (andrew.archer@theridge.church) if you need help getting access to Zoom or have any questions.