Did you feel the excitement at the Christmas Services? Did you grin from ear to ear or have to pull out a tissue from your pocket when the wishes were being granted?

This Christmas, The Ridge wanted to give gifts to others, and we asked you to offer us some suggestions on how we could bless your friends or family members. At each of our five Christmas Services, we fulfilled a few of the wishes. It hasn’t stopped, though, as our staff and volunteers are still working behind the scenes to fulfill some others.

The submissions received through the website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for #MyWishForYou gave us a variety of heartfelt blessings to share. Here are a few we granted:

  • Gas cards given to our college-aged dv8 & Wired volunteers
  • A pink coat and a fleece jacket given to loved ones who work hard to serve others
  • Gift cards for spa and self care to some of your loved ones who deserved to be cared for and pampered
  • A day of fun for a mom and her kids who have suffered from numerous health issues
  • A ski package and family hotel stay for a volunteer who gives of himself generously while helping to care for a family member with cancer
  • Some much-needed warmth and hope-filled cheer to a woman adjusting to her new life in a nursing home
  • The opportunity for a terminally ill mom to have a family portrait session
  • Dinner out for the parents of an appreciative teenager
  • The gift of auto repairs, furniture donations and special surprises for a single mother
  • Help with utility payments to someone who cares for ill and aging family members
  • Voice lessons for a few crooners wanting to master their God-given talent
  • Gift-bag goodies and concert tickets to a woman pressing on to overcome cancer
  • A weekend getaway to parents of five who haven’t made time for a vacation
  • Gift certificates for a trio of daughters who tirelessly care for their sick mom

At a time of year when love and gifts are exchanged in remembrance of Jesus’ birth, The Ridge’s #MyWishForYou is to enter into or go deeper into a growing relationship with God and with others in 2015.