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Who is Ridge Singles for?

All single adults are encouraged to attend Ridge Singles events. Ridge Singles is an environment designed for any individual or couple who is not married.



*Ridge Singles is not a dating service. With the overall goal in mind of getting individuals into men’s and women’s community groups, Mosaic environments are designed to assist and encourage in building these types of friendships.

What can I expect at a Ridge Singles event?

Ridge Singles is where adult singles can connect with other singles to form authentic friendships and build community with the final goal of forming or joining a community group. Events are planned to allow a time for people to connect with others and cultivate a community of friends through experiences of shared learning, common social interests, or serving those in need.



How do I get involved in Ridge Singles?
Ridge Singles events are a perfect first step if you’re new. They happen once a month and primarily revolve around food, fun, and conversation. These welcoming large group environments are great places to begin new friendships.


Ridge Singles gatherings are designed to help single adults go from acquaintances to authentic friendships. For each gathering, our leaders design a 5–8 week series of activities for people of similar interests to connect around. These small-to-medium sized group environments serve as bridges to ultimately joining or forming a community group.
What if I'm a single parent?
While most Ridge Singles events are for single adults only, we are thrilled to offer childcare reimbursement for all of our events.
Also, keep your eyes out for some of our Ridge Singles gatherings and large group events that are family-friendly! We will promote them as such when applicable.
Read more about why Ridge Singles exists

At Chestnut Ridge Church, we believe we experience and exemplify God’s truth, love, and grace in the context of doing life with others. We experience these things when we surround ourselves with other Christians who are growing in their relationship with Christ (Heb. 10:24-25; Acts 2:42-47) (Authentic Community). We exemplify them when we live out the accountability, belonging, and care within that community in front of non-Christians (Matt. 5:16; John 13:35) (Relational Evangelism). In Ridge Singles, we aim to help single adults put into practice these two core values by creating environments where both believers and nonbelievers are welcome and relationships can be built. So whether you are a single adult who is seeking community with others or are looking for a safe place to bring your Christian and non-Christian friends, Ridge Singles is designed for you!


Want to Lead a Ridge Singles gathering? Two to four individuals lead each Ridge Singles gathering. These leaders are interviewed, equipped, and overseen by the Ridge Singles Coordinators.

  • You are in a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • You recognize the Bible as the authority for your life.
  • You have Community Group experience.
  • You have the time, emotional capacity, and moral discernment to lead a gathering.
  • You are legally single.
  • Facilitate Gatherings, provide vision, monitor the health of the Gathering, and promote participation among the Gathering’s members.
  • Attend Ridge Singles gatherings leadership training.
  • Meet with a Ridge Singles gatherings coordinator once over the course of the Ridge Singles gatherings cycle.
  • Identify and develop potential leaders.
  • Leaders are expected to attend all scheduled gatherings with the allowance of one absence.

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