What Does Partnership Look Like?

At Chestnut Ridge Church, the idea of membership within the church is viewed as a partnership with the church. Many churches encourage their attendees to become members. Here at The Ridge, attendees are encouraged to become partners with the church to grow in their relationship with God and others.

How is membership different from partnership?
  • Membership is something you join; Partnership is something you invest in;
  • Membership operates as one-directional; Partnership is bi-directional;
  • Membership is often about privileges; Partnership is about shared responsibilities.
There are at least three reasons for becoming a partner with Chestnut Ridge Church:
  • The concept of partnership is biblical.
  • Formal partnership with the church is valuable to the pastors and leaders of the church as they seek to fulfill their God-given task of leading others.
  • Experience shows that partnership with the church benefits the individual.



Taking Steps to Becoming a Partner


How do I become a partner:

  • Become a Christian by placing your trust in Jesus Christ.
  • Complete the Partnership Covenant form
  • Complete the Getting to Know You form
  • Speak with a church staff member to complete the process