The Mission Team from Chestnut Ridge Church made it safely to Honduras today. Big Blue picked us up at the airport where ALL 35 bags arrived! Made the epic stop at Power Chicken for an amazing lunch. And made it just in time for the Saturday night service at Iglesia Gran Comision La Ceiba.

– Karen Lane

Day 3:

We spent the first part of our day helping with Water with Blessings, a program that is going to provide water filters for mothers at the CDI. These filters will give mothers the opportunity to give their children clean water. We spent the rest of the day making new friends!

– Jennifer LeBlanc


Day 4:

We began our day once again with a devotional time.  Bruce shared some thoughts about security and refuge and challenged us to think about what we put our security in.  “Security rests in our Savior not our stuff.  Stuff comes and goes – it’s unreliable.  But when Christ comes to dwell in our hearts He remains.  Because He is secure, we are secure.  Our security should not be based on feelings, but faith.  If our security depends on feeling secure we will be shaken by circumstances.  But if our security rests on faith in Christ – no situation can shake us.”

We then went around the circle and all had an opportunity to share what we were thankful for.  I wish you could have been there to hear each one.  I know it was a sweet aroma up to our Lord.  Many shared how blessed we are by our host families.  One of the greatest joys is the friendships we are making with these families.

In the morning, the guys made their way out to the site where they are building the house.  A lot of hard work being done on digging the hole where the septic tank will be.  It is hard to imagine that this two bedroom home will house 9 people!  Some of the ladies worked with the kids in the CDI this morning and taught the kids a lesson based on the story of Noah – about stepping out in faith despite what those around you think.  The rest of the ladies participated in a second day of water filter training with 15 more mothers.  It was a great morning seeing 15 more women step up to the plate to learn how to bring clean water to their families and 3 more families around them.  It was pure joy to watch!

After lunch, a little girl power was added at the site where we are building the house.  Amanda and Allison joined the guys to work on the house while the rest of the crew worked at the CDI with the kids.

Tonight we will spend the evening with our host families – one of the highlights of our day!  How we all pray that we can bring the spirit of their hospitality home with us to share with those who God brings our way.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers for our health and safety.
– Karen Lane