Going Deeper with the Message:

Spiritual Gifts
by: Ben Biles

This past weekend, Pastor Tim talked about the fact that all believers have been specially gifted by God with spiritual gifts. These gifts include things like prophecy, service, teaching, exhortation, giving, leading, and showing mercy. In Ephesians 4, we see Paul talk about the roles associated with these kinds of gifts. Some people in the church were teachers, others were leaders, others were generous with their money, and others were serving. 

Yet, some, if not most, believers are completely unaware of their gift. The reason why is because your gifting doesn’t usually become apparent unless you are serving within the church. This comes from the fact that all gifts are given by God to his people in order to build up and serve the church. Once you are serving, over time, it becomes clear what you are good at and passion about, which gives you a pretty big clue about what your gift is. The people around you will notice your gifting and begin to affirm it. Then, you will know with a good amount of certainty, but it requires serving within the church. 

Personally, I had no idea that I was gifted with preaching (it’s weird to talk about your strengths, but I promise I’m not trying to brag). Honestly, I hated public speaking and became really nervous every time I had to give a speech for school. But when I started preaching to the junior high students at my church, I realized that something was different. I became passionate about it and enjoyed each time I was able to preach the word of God. Then, people began to affirm that gifting in me. 

Recognizing your spiritual gift is once thing, but learning to use it to build up the church is another. It also requires a good deal of humility. When Paul writes to the church in Corinth, we see that they were deeply divided over the issue of spiritual gifts. They had come to value the gift of speaking in tongues above all others to the degree that it was making worship in the church an absolute mess. 

Paul corrects them by saying that the church is like a body. In order for a body to work properly, each part needs to do its job. Therefore, each part of the body is essential. Though certain parts are most important than others, each part relies on the other. As believers, we should discover whatever gift we have and then use it to love and serve others. When we are all using our spiritual gifts together, then the church flourishes and becomes more effective in sharing God’s love with the community.