Beginning on Sunday, August 5th, you may notice a few changes around Ridge Kids that will allow us to continue to provide safe and fun environments for all kids! These updates will be in place for children in groups from birth through 5th grade.

Check out the FAQs below for more details on what is coming up. Have other questions? Feel free to contact the Ridge Kids team. 

What is the reasoning behind these changes?

Our Philosophy | Ridge Kids values your child and the relationships they have with others: their relationship with you, their peers, their leaders, and with God! Everything we do is driven by prioritizing these relationships. Throughout weekly programming, God’s truth is taught in a way that is meant to be relational. This means that kids are encouraged to interact with one another, and their leader as they learn about God’s love for them. While growth can happen in a variety of ways, we believe that growth happens best within relationships, even in young children. In Ridge Kids, every child is connected to a consistent adult small group leader, and group of peers within that small group, who they meet with each week in their room. This group is where kids will get to know others and be known. This model allows for every child to have a personal experience as they learn and grow. It also allows you, as the parent, to be a part of your child’s experience in Ridge Kids. You will have the opportunity to meet, and get to know your child’s leader throughout the year that they are investing in your child’s life. We are grateful that you bring your child to Ridge Kids, and want to partner with you as you raise them to know God!

As we strive to provide quality programming for kids of all ages, we also work hard to ensure a safe environment for everyone. Each age group has a specific ratio of adults that must be present for every child to ensure that every child can be well cared for and build meaningful relationships. While we would love to have as many volunteers and kids present as possible in every room, sometimes space becomes an issue. In addition, each room has a maximum capacity based on the number of children that can safely, and enjoyably participate in activities in the space provided.

Why are there limited spots available in some rooms?

Room Capping | To provide safe environments for your child, each room will have a maximum number of kids allowed to check in. This will depend on volunteer availability and room size. Once a room is full, the check-in stations will display a message alerting parents that the room is no longer accepting kids. It’s unlikely that this change will result in people being turned away. However, please keep in mind that during services with high attendance, rooms may become full quickly, and that could result in some children not being placed into a group that day. Please bear with us as rooms fill on those weeks — we’ll be working hard to have as many spots safely open for kids as possible.

When does my baby or preschooler move into a new room?

Birth – PreK Move Up

Nursery (birth – 2 years) | Babies are placed in rooms based on general developmental milestones:

  • PUPS (birth – 8 months) – Typically non-mobile babies, Room 112
  • BUNNIES (9-14 months) – Babies who can sit steadily on their own, might be crawling and cruising/walking, Room 110
  • CUBS (15 months +) – Babies who are confidently walking, Room 114
  • RACCOONS (older toddlers) – Future room, to be opened at a later date when needed

Babies are generally moved up into the crawler and toddler room the first sunday of the month after they have reached the age grouping for that room. However, if you feel your child isn’t quite ready to move up, just let a volunteer know and they can wait to move into a new room when they are developmentally ready.

Toddlers who turn two will remain in the toddler room through the entirety of the current school year (currently running July 2, 2018-July 1 2019). Around the beginning of the year, a second toddler room will open in our preschool area, and the older two year olds will move into that room for the duration of the year.

Preschool (2 years – PreK)

Previously, preschoolers have moved into age-based classes the month after their birthday. While this allows for rooms to have kids all around the same age, it causes constant turnover in each room. The goal in Ridge Kids is to connect kids and parents with consistent volunteers and programming each week. We want your child to build friendships that will grow with them, as well!

Beginning this year, preschoolers will be separated into rooms based on the kids who will be in their grade when they attend school. The rooms will coincide with enrollment cutoffs in Monongalia County, which is July 1st. See below for details on each room. If you live in a school district outside of Monongalia County with a different cut off date, please let a volunteer know that you might need to switch to a different room.


  • BOBCATS  (2s turning 3) – birthday between July 2, 2015 and July 1, 2016, Room 118
  • MOUNTAIN LIONS (3s turning 4) – birthday between July 2, 2014 and July 1, 2015, Room 120
  • BLACK BEARS (4s turning 5) – birthday between July 2, 2013 and July 1, 2014, Room 124

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