Hello, kidSTART Friends!

Jesus tells us to “love one another.” What does that even look like? Well, it looks a lot like the way Jesus loved people when He was here on earth. Through everything He did and the stories He told, Jesus taught us to love one another. That’s why we’re telling these specific Bible stories this month. We want to teach our preschoolers to love like Jesus.

We’ll start the month with some of the stories Jesus told, the parables. The first week has preschoolers hearing about the farmer and his bigger barns and learning they can share (love) when they have a lot. The next week, they’ll hear the story of the widow’s mite and how they can share (love) even when they have very little. The final parable they’ll hear is the story of the Good Samaritan. This is a great one for preschoolers because they know that you are supposed to help someone when they are hurt. I love to watch them get indignant when they hear of the people who passed by the hurt man, not stopping to help him in any way. Through this story, we want them to learn that they can help anyone.

The final two weeks of the month are stories from the life of Jesus that prepare us for the Easter message coming next month. They will hear how Jesus, the Son of God, washed the feet of His disciples. Even though Jesus was God’s Son, He still served those around Him. We want our preschoolers to know that we too can serve those around us, no matter who they are.


March Parent Cue