Hello, kidSTART Friends!

Have you been having an AWESOME time at Camp Splish Splash! Camp Splish Splash will continue in July helping everyone know that God’s way is perfect.

In July, preschoolers will hear all about Moses. They will learn how God had an amazing plan to save him by having his mother place him in a basket in the reeds. Then, they will hear how God led Moses to part the Red Sea by holding up his staff. Finally, they’ll hear how Moses used that same staff to hit a rock and provide His people with water.

Do you see what is going on here? Lots more water stories. It’s Camp Splish Splash after all!

The preschoolers will end the month by learning the story of Naaman and how they can do what God says even when it’s hard. Why should they do what God says? Because God’s way is perfect!

Click Here to see a preview video of this month’s Bible Stories.

July Parent Cue