Hello, kidSTART Friends!

It’s love month – it’s time to show some love. Nobody loves us more than Jesus, and this is the month we celebrate that.

Preschoolers will spend the month learning that Jesus loves us no matter who we are or what we do. He loves everyone. He loved the woman at the well even though they were from different places and cultures. Jesus loves us no matter where we live or how we dress too. He loves all the children all over the world.

Jesus loved Zacchaeus even though he had made so many terrible choices in his life. Jesus loves us even when we make bad choices. When we hurt somebody’s feelings or disobey, Jesus still loves us. And realizing that He loves us so much is life changing. It changed Zacchaeus’s life for sure!

Jesus loved the woman who was about to get stoned for things she had done in the past. She had made some very bad choices and nobody loved her. But Jesus loved her, and He saved her. Jesus loves us no matter what too!

Jesus wants everyone to know that He loves them. He told the disciples to go and tell everyone everywhere that He loves them. He wants us to share the news too. We can tell our family and friends that Jesus loves them. Jesus loves everyone.


February Parent Cue