Hello, First Look Friends!

It’s time to lift off into another new year. We’ll begin this month telling preschoolers that God made them. He made their hands, their eyes, their feet. He made each and every part of them. The second week, we’ll explain that not only did He make them, but He has a plan for them. He has a special plan for everyone! Then, preschoolers will hear the story of the lost coin and how God loves them even more than the woman loved her coin. God loves them so much and will always seek them. Finally, they will hear how God loved them so much that He sent Jesus to be their friend forever. Jesus is an amazing friend and loves each and every one of us so much. We’ll finish off the month with fun review games and activities.

It’s going to be an amazing month with lots of awesome crafts, activities and storytelling!



August Parent Cue