Hello, kidSTART Friends!

“Love God. Love People.” It’s the greatest commandment in a nutshell. It’s what strive to teach my daughter. Your actions should show others that you love God and love people. As she’s gotten older, she’s come to realize that by loving others and serving them, she IS loving God. And, she’s sharing His love with those around her. It’s been a fantastic development to watch, and it’s one we pray will happen in every preschooler we touch with this month’s curriculum.

We ended March with Easter Sunday and we begin April with learning about the early church. Our preschoolers will learn that the early church wasn’t about a building, but about a group of people meeting together to worship and share life with one another. They will learn that they can be just like those people in the early church. They can share and help each other and worship God together.

This months theme is “My Neighborhood” because we are to “love our neighbor”. Throughout the month, we will emphasize that we are to love each and every neighbor in our neighborhood as we talk about who those people might be.


April Parent Cue