Our vision is to be an inviting church that leads people into a growing relationship with God and others. As we work together to accomplish that vision, we want to help you be prepared and effective in inviting people in your life to experience the love of Jesus.

Think for a moment—who in your life is not connected to God or a church home? Family members, neighbors, coworkers, and friends—God has placed each of them in your life for a reason. Pray for them and be intentional to invest in your relationships and invite them to The Ridge.

Invite someone to trust in Jesus:
• Share your story of how you began a relationship with Jesus.
• Share your story of how your life has changed since trusting in Jesus.
• Share the gospel. We suggest these verses: John 3:16, Romans 3:23, 5:8, 10:13.
Offer to pray with them to trust in Jesus to be their Savior.

Invite someone to join you at The Ridge:
• Share what you enjoy about The Ridge and invite them to experience it with you. Offer to meet them at the door or save them a seat. A small gesture goes a long way!
• Give them The Ridge invite card with our service times and info. 
Send a link to the online service so they can check out The Ridge from anywhere.