Making Memories & New Traditions
Sometimes the little things mean the most. Kids may remember the gifts they received, but the experiences filled with love, family, and fun are what make a lasting impression. It’s important to create traditions that make togetherness a priority, and keep your family bonded. All it takes is time and creativity! We want to offer a variety of fun and easy ideas you can do with the whole family that can become traditions you’ll enjoy for years to come.
A Budget-Friendly Christmas
Give yourself the gift of financial stability during the holiday season. It’s hard to resist the pressure of buying too many gifts and charging them to your credit cards. Join us to learn how to manage your finances and take control of your spending. The holidays can be enjoyable and free of credit card regrets!
Restore & Renew You
This year has been a challenge for everyone. We are tired, frustrated, stressed and, quite frankly, we’re over it. As we begin the new year, we want to share tips on finding rest each day, recharging your energy, and exploring Sabbath principles. You’ll get to discover and utilize how to properly unplug from the things that can easily drain us, and learn to make the most of your time.
Navigating Anxiety at Christmas
For many, the holiday season is a time filled with loneliness, anxiety, and sadness. During this session, you receive guidance from a local professional counselor on how to manage holiday depression and stress, ways to recognize these feelings, and tips on coping and moving forward.  This webinar is open to anyone experiencing these emotions, or to anyone that has a loved one suffering from depression and anxiety. 
Grieving Well Through the Holidays
 If you’ve lost a loved one and you find this time of year especially difficult, we want to help you find peace through the holiday season. Whether your loss occurred recently or you’ve been grieving your loss over time, we want you to know you are not alone. Join us to explore some practical ways to cope, and how you can try the holidays a new way.

December 9 // 7-8:00pm

As Christmas approaches, we may find ourselves burdened by stress, grief, finances and more. The Ridge is offering five FREE webinars focused on topics that challenge many of us during the holiday season. Each will include an informational session from hosts leading the webinar, followed by a time for questions and further discussion on each subject. Choose to join any of the webinars offered below.

5 Free Webinars Focused On…






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