Hello Everyone,

Bruce Lane lead our devotional time today. He began by asking the question, “Are you called to Missions?”





The work of Christian missions is the call of every single follower of Jesus Christ. To be a missionary is literally to be one sent out on a mission. Each of us has been sent out with an explicit mission. We are not only invited but are commissioned to proclaim the love of God shown in Christ through our love of God and neighbor. We looked at Matthew 28:29-30 and Acts 1:8.


As we grow in faithfulness to Christ and his Kingdom, we must reclaim this central vision of the Christian life: to be a disciple is to a missionary! For the Christian, the call to missions is never a a questions of “if” but is simply a questions of “where”. We live in a pure mission field and people won’t move spiritually until they are connected socially. The social connections makes the spiritual connection possible. Invite and invest!


We went to work finishing up the house and spending our last day with the kids at the CDI. It was an emotional day as we said goodbye to the precious children we got to know all week. Their hugs, smiles and joy will be forever in our hearts and memories. The afternoon was a very special time as we dedicated the house to Marcia and her children. Another memory that won’t be soon forgotten.


After the dedication we left to have our picture taken at the “La Ceiba” sign. From there we made our way to find some souvenirs in downtown La Ceiba and enjoy dinner together as a team.

Until tomorrow…