Hello Again,

The skies have cleared with the passing of Hurricane Earl.  We are grateful that we didn’t get the high winds and the amount of rain that was expected.
Randy and Megan Williams led our devotional time this morning which focused on mission work being “hands on” and that Jesus was hands on.  We read Mark 1:40-45.  Jesus put his hands on the leper to heal him.  The power of touch is strong.  Jesus could use his words to heal but he wanted to touch the leper.  Jesus knew what the leper needed – His touch.  We were reminded that we are to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Our touch shows the love of God around us.  We all talked about slowing down and to stop being so busy.




We were grateful for the break in weather so that we could continue work on the house.  The shipment of gravel arrived and we were able to mix cement to finish pouring the floors in the house.  We were also able to start running the electrical as well.



Megan continued work in the clinic organizing medicine in the pharmacy.  Emily and Sam led games with the CDI kids.  And, Doug finished his counseling training with the pastors.  We all gathered late afternoon to load up the truck to deliver food packages to families in the surrounding community.  It was a huge blessing to meet many of the families and share a little love with them.  It is always wonderful to hear how much they appreciate Iglesia Gran Comision and how grateful they are to be a part of a great church family.  A day we won’t soon forget.


Tonight is the night we have the CDI cooks cater a meal to honor and thank our host families.  It is a great time to get the team and all the host families together and share words of thanks for how they have blessed us and made our trip here so meaningful.  It makes the experience so rich to be able to stay with families from the church here and to see firsthand what hospitality is all about.



Tomorrow will be a full day as we finish up our projects and present the house to the family.  The house will be given to Marcia.  She is widowed and has two children; an 8 year old boy and a 4 year old girl.  Her husband left her for another woman and he was shot after getting involved with a gang.  She and her children have all been living in one small bedroom in her father’s home which is next door to where we are building her house.  She and all her children will each have their own bedrooms in her new house.

We look forward to sharing pictures of the dedication