Hola Everyone,

We began our day with a devotional time which has been one of the favorite parts of our day.  Doug Saesan led our time today.  Doug shared a message about the Israelites and how they missed out on God’s best because they didn’t obey God completely.  The same is true for us.  Are we missing out on His best because we are “partially” obeying what He is asking of us? Our prayer is that we would be “all in”!  Pastor Rossel also asked for prayer for the GCLA church in Venezuela.  He read a letter from their pastor, who moved to that church from Tegucigalpa, Honduras recently.  Many in the church are in despair as a result of a lack of food and jobs in Venezuela.


Off to work – we know that there are specific things God has called us to do here and yet we all want to stay behind and play with the kids.  Their smiles and joy are infectious.  We really enjoy the time we get to spend with them at the beginning and end of each work day.  Bruce, Randy, Rob, Aaron, Jason and Doug went to work digging the hole for the septic tank.  They probably wished there was a backhoe available, but picks and shovels were the tools of the day.  They also moved all the cinderblocks from the road to line the walls of the hole.  Megan continued her work at the clinic and then joined the guys to dig the last shovelfuls of dirt from the septic hole.

Emily and Samantha enjoyed their time with the kids.  Today they had the students recount the promises of God.  They reminded the kids that God will never break His promises and that His love is never-ending.  They all made Jesus fish out of pipe cleaners and beads.  Then they played games which included POGS – for all you 90’s kids 🙂
Halfway through each day, the cooks from the CDI always prepare an amazing lunch.  Below is a picture of our team enjoying lunch together in much appreciated air conditioning.

We enjoy walking home to our host homes together and sharing parts of our day with each other.  Tonight we will either enjoy a night in with our host families or treat them to dinner out in La Ceiba.

We appreciate your prayers for our day on Wednesday as Tropical Storm Earl is set to pass by the north shore where we are in Honduras.  While we are not overly concerned, we will experience very heavy rains here and hope that it doesn’t delay the completion of the house we are building or the delivery of the Solar Light kits.

Thanks so much for your support and for your prayers…until tomorrow…