Hello Everyone,

Our day began with another wonderful devotional time led by Pastor Fredi. Fredi’s devotion focused on the difference between joy and happiness. Joy in serving, giving, and sharing the gospel. He reminded us that God delights in seeing us pour out our lives in serving, giving and sharing of ourselves. He also shared a very personal story about his father being killed by his uncle when Fredi was just a teenager. This ultimately became a story of God’s redemptive power. Fredi was able to see his uncle many years later and was able to forgive him and God restored that relationship. He called on us to think about a person in our life that we are having a hard time forgiving. He challenged us to pray and ask God to give us strength to do just that.


House Building 2


Tools for Workshop copy
Our work began on the house we are building for a single mom and her children. Jason, Aaron, Rob, & Randy worked hard all day mixing and pouring cement for the floor of the home. Bruce was able to take Hector shopping for much needed supplies for the workshop. The shopping took much longer than expected (which the guys gave him a hard time about). It is a bit different in Honduras when you purchase things. Everything has to be taken out of its packaging, plugged in and showed to be working. There is a “no return policy” so shopping is a longer experience in Honduras. Emily and Samantha worked at the CDI with the kids. They were in charge of game time. There were several games designed to expose hidden talents that God has given us. One of the games was “Who is the strongest” and you’ll see a picture of the kids having arm-wrestling contests. Megan saw many patients at the clinic. The staff is delighted to have her here this week. Doug was able to spend some very productive time with the pastors working through counseling curriculum that we use here at The Ridge. Later this week they are going to be able to put it to use with a couple who is getting married at the church in La Ceiba.
So, everyone is putting their unique gifts, that God has given them, to serve in many different ways. After a long, hot day we returned to our homes to enjoy a night with our host families.
Thank you for your prayers and until tomorrow . . .