Day 2

Our team began the day with a devotional time led by Pastor Rossel.  His message centered on the verse in Philippians where Paul states, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” He talked about how quickly we can fall into the mind set that I can do all things in my own strength and how that doesn’t always go so well. He encouraged the team to allow God to use them in a mighty way this week.  For the benefit of some of the first time people on this trip he reminded them of the long relationship that our church has had with Iglesia Gran Comision and how much Chestnut Ridge Church means to them.  There is also special meaning to him because before he even met his wife Aurora, she had come to the states and spent a month living with Pastor Tim and his family. To this day, Aurora talks about all she learned from Tim and Karen Haring by watching the way they loved each other and their children. Aurora wanted that in her life and Pastor Rossel has been blessed by that influence to this day.

Computer Set up


Sorting Supplies

Our team got a tour of the Church, CDI, Clinic, Workshop and of the new Tilapia farm and hydroponic system they have built with the older kids from the CDI. We also got to see the water filters we sent last year being put to use for drinking water at the CDI. Then we unpacked and sorted all the wonderful supplies that were donated by our church – what a blessing!


We finished our workday a little early to enjoy some time with our host families and to get ready for the Sunday night service that they have in their downtown location. As is tradition, we enjoyed dinner at a Chinese restaurant in La Ceiba. Hard to believe some of the best Chinese food can be found in La Ceiba, Honduras!


Bruce's Minions


Tomorrow we will jump into our work building the house, working at the clinic and working with the kids at the CDI. Thank you for your continued prayers for health and safety. We are overwhelmed by the graciousness of the people here and for our host families who are making us feel like part of their families!