Day 6

Hola, CRC!

Day what? I think Day 6. It’s Thursday already—this week is flying by! This morning a team of us delivered food to 10 homes in the community. Another team was continuing work at the new home being built, which will be dedicated to the family tomorrow.
Several kids at the CDI received a new uniform shirt for school.

This afternoon we delivered beds to two homes and it was overwhelmingly emotional to see the gratitude and happiness on the faces of the families receiving the beds. The first home was no more than 100 square feet and the beds were stacked three tall. Some of us thought how in the world are they going to live here. But they do and they are so happy. We prayed with each family and the second home accepted an invitation to come to Iglesia Gran Comision. God is moving!

Serving along side you,
2018 Mission Team

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