Day 5

Hola, CRC!

Today was a fiesta for the kids at the CDI! They were being welcomed back for school with piñatas, face painting and ice cream! It was fun for the kids, and for us.

A crew went to the home site to finish the home for the septic tank and pour concrete floors. The rest of the supplies were delivered to the clinic and they were so grateful—the dentist was so happy to receive the toothbrushes! The photo of the precious little one receiving a breathing treatment captures beautifully how valuable the clinic is and how much it provides to this neighborhood. Patients pay about $3 to be seen and get their medications, the only requirement is to hear the Gospel.

We went to church with our host families, and we made a visit to WalMart in Honduras. Another beautiful day!

Serving along side you,
2018 Mission Team

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