Day 4

Hola, CRC!

Day 4 was such an emotional day—ups and downs. We hiked in the mountains and walked through rivers to take solar lights to people that do not have electricity. It was physically draining, but fulfilling.

We delivered solar lights and shared the Gospel with each home; we correlated the two by explaining that Jesus is the light of the world and when we accept Jesus as our Savior, He brings us out of the darkness. Some people asked if they had to pay for the light. No, this is a free gift that we give, just as Jesus paid the price for our sins for free. There were people didn’t know Jesus and accepted Him, some who already serve Jesus, and others who knew but didn’t accept. It was a mixture of all. Still, we planted the seed and spread Jesus love.

I saw so much poverty, but also so much love. God’s beauty was displayed in so many ways.

Serving along side you,
2018 Mission Team

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