Hello Everyone,

Bruce began our day with a devotional time he called SEE, FEEL & DO. He talked about there being four types of people. First, those who Don’t See. These are people who are not looking up or looking out. They walk around with their heads down. They are not observant to the things going on around them. There are also those who See but Don’t Do. These are people who see the need but do nothing about it. Maybe they are too busy, scared or don’t want to get involved or be interrupted. Next, there are those who See and Do but Don’t Feel. These people do the right things for the wrong reasons. Perhaps they are going through the motions or looking for accolades. Finally, there are the See, Feel and Do people. Like the Good Samaritan, these people see the need, have compassion, care, and act. When we see and feel and do we are able to get involved with what God is doing in Morgantown, West Virginia, La Ceiba and around the world.


It was an emotional day for many of us. It was our last day to spend with the kids, and we were dedicating the house we had been working on all week. We have been blessed in so many ways it is hard to count them all. We came to serve and love and we were served and our hearts were filled up beyond words. As you will see in a few of the pictures, the kids followed us where ever we went and many even walked us home as they were making their way home.


We dedicated the house to the Lord and to Evelyn and her son late in the afternoon. John presented Evelyn with a Bible and encouraged her to seek wisdom in its pages and to enjoy and use her home to share God’s grace with others. Eric presented her with a framed print that we all signed that said “Dios bendiga esta casa y todos los que entran” God bless this house and all who enter. And, Brett handed the keys of the house over to Evelyn and shared how special it was for him and all of us to work to complete this house for her. It was a great moment watching her use the key to open the door to her very first house. One of our team members followed the family in the house. When she looked in the room where we had put her sons bed, she found Evelyn’s son crying on his bed and stroking the sheets. This is the first time he has ever had his own bed. He has shared a bed with his Mom since he was born. Such a simple thing for us, but HUGE to him.



We ended our day doing touristy things: visiting the coast, taking a picture at the La Ceiba sign, buying souvenirs and eating dinner at a great pizza joint here in La Ceiba. We talked Chewy into making one more stop on our way home. We stopped at Walmart which opened here about five months ago. We love to bring coffee back with us so many of us loaded up a few carts with coffee and Tang, yes, they have Tang here in just about any flavor you can think of. 🙂


Thank you for your continued prayers, there were a number of us who weren’t feeling well yesterday, but by the end of the day we were on the road to recovery. Thank you for tuning in each day and for your support of each one of us and the projects we were able to support in our time here.

Until tomorrow . . .