Hola Everyone,

We began our day with a devotional time led by Dr. Jay Martin.  Jay is here with his wife and a few others from Columbus, Ohio this week.  Dr. Martin started and runs Total Health, the clinics that are run through many GCLA churches in Central America.  His devotion centered on Philippians 2: 1-4.  These are great verses that are somewhat easy to live out when we are together as a team, serving with one purpose.  But, it is easy to forget when we return home that we need to imitate Christ in valuing others over ourselves.  Bruce opened it up and asked if any team members wanted to share some insights after being here for three days.  Here are some of the things that were shared:

  • We are blown away by the love and hospitality of our host families.
  • Some returning members shared how exciting it is to see the growth in the church in just a year.
  • Many commented on the kindness and love shown between the spouses of our host families.
  • Neighbors know one another and help one another.  Sometimes in the States we don’t even know our neighbors.


We got to work right away on many of the same projects.  We added a little girl power to the house building team by sending Karen and Janelle to pick up shovels and cinder blocks instead of paint brushes.  Kristen and Grace took over with painting the Psychologist’s office.  Great progress was made as the girls finished the painting job.  There was also great progress on the house today as well.  Cement was  poured for all the rooms in the house.  The Honduran workers put the finishing touches on them by adding colored swirls on the final layer.  The trench was dug for the sewer lines for the septic system and a gravel sidewalk was laid around the perimeter of the house.  During our breaks at the house site, John Woods was training the young guys with self-defense moves.  Cianel continued to hold classes at the clinic and Jo saw more children at the clinic.  Lisa, Anika and Hannah continued their work at the CDI.


Tonight, we are heading back to the church for their Wednesday night service.  Many of us are taking our host families out to eat either before or after tonight’s service.  Stay tuned for our recap tomorrow.  We are excited about the opportunity to do outreach in the community in the afternoon.

Thank you for your continued prayers! We are feeling them and enjoying good health so far. Until tomorrow . . .