It appears that we have brought the rain to Honduras.  They have gone nearly 2 months without rain and the day we arrived it started raining.  They are thrilled to have the rain and it has brought the temperature down a little bit.  Rain or shine, we went about what needed to be done.

Our devotion time was led by Pastor Rossel.  It was a timely message from Proverbs 3.  Rossel reminded us that we often put God in the passenger seat of our lives.  God wants to move from being a passenger in our vehicle to being the driver.  When we trust in Him we are sure to be in His plan.  He encouraged us to trust Him in the small and big things in our lives.

Once again we had teams working in several areas.  Cianel was teaching nutrition classes at the clinic to adults who are dealing with hypertension and diabetes.  Jo was treating children and adults at the clinic.  Bruce, Janelle and Karen were painting a new office in the clinic.


Lisa, Kristen, Grace, Anika and Hannah were serving at the CDI where the kids were learning about the 3 promises God made to Abraham.  Lisa had all the children write a note to someone special in their lives with a promise they wanted to make in hopes that they would be reminded of the great promises God made to Abraham.  Barry and Kathy have been working in the workshop building items for the clinic and teaching some of the older boys from the CDI.


John, Eric, Brett & Bruce continued working on the house.  The heavy rains we had last night made things a bit more difficult today.  The hole that had been dug for the septic tank had filled in a bit.  And, as you can see in the picture above, the only way to access the house is by walking across a series of planks.  Tomorrow, cinder blocks and cement will need to be carried over to the secure the walls of the hole for the septic tank.  Pray for energy tomorrow as many are getting tired.

Our transportation, Ol’ Blue, has been a little under the weather as well.  We have been fortunate to have the rain hold off while making the walk to and from church.  And, we have enjoyed our leisurely walks home at the end of our day catching up with one another on the events of the day.

Tonight, we went out to dinner as a team.  We enjoyed some great Chinese food in La Ceiba and had to make a stop at Baskin Robbins for some ice cream on the way home.  Since the Dunkin Donuts is in the same location we have all been introduced to a new dessert.  We call it the “Barry”.  Ask for a donut in the bottom of your bowl and top it off with a few scoops of ice cream. Oh, so good!

Until tomorrow . . . God, we want to put you in the driver seat of our lives.  Show us just how rich our lives can be when we trust in you for all things!