Today was our first full day and we packed a lot in.  Our day began with a devotional time from Pastor Fredi.  He shared many personal stories to remind us that we always need to be ready to share God’s love with people.  Fredi encouraged us to make the most of every opportunity God gives us.

Some team members spent the morning on the house site.  The major project today was to get dig the hole for the septic tank.  The home will be given to a woman named Emily at the end of this week.  Emily was new to the church and she began attending a small group.  Emily was having a very difficult time in her marriage and was enduring physical and emotional abuse.  She is now in a safe environment.  In Honduras, life can be very hard without a husband and she was concerned for her future.  God began opening doors and someone from the church gave her a small piece of land close to the church.  She had been praying for years for a safe home for she and her 10 year old boy, and her prayers have been answered.  It will be a privilege to hand they keys of her house to her on Friday!

Team members were also quite busy at the clinic today. We have team members making great contributions impacting the health of young children and adults this week. Total Health is very excited that they have hired a Psychologist to begin working with the children here.  We will be painting and making shelves for her office so that she can start soon.

And, we had a group working with the kids at the CDI.  This week the kids are learning about Abraham.  We had fun singing and doing the motions to Father Abraham. They seem to do it much faster in Honduras!  And, it is always a blessing when our team members can spend time with the kids that they sponsor.  I’ve attached a picture of Barry and Kathy with their sponsored child, Denilson.

This evening we had the opportunity to spend more time with our host families. One of the highlights of coming to work with Iglesia Gran Comision is the relationships we build with our host families.  They are the biggest blessing.

It has been quite hot and humid, even the Hondurans say that it’s bad for them.  Thankfully they are so wonderful about keeping us hydrated and making us take breaks.  So far, we are all feeling well and we pray that it stays that way.

Thank you for your continued prayers!  Until tomorrow . . .