Day 5 – Thursday

Hola, CRC!

Day 5 brought more chances to serve the wonderful people at Gran Comision. Unfortunately, we have been unable to continue the work on the home this week, while the two parties involved still try to resolve the issue of land ownership. Until there is a resolution, God continues to give us work for our hands.

Lumber arrived today in time for the guys to build bunk beds in the workshop. Lisa continued to provide haircuts for more kids at the Child Development Center (CDI). We are not sure what the count is now, but we should have an update for you all tomorrow. She has not cut the hair of all 150 kids, but it sure is close! The ladies went to work painting the exterior of the church, Brittany added to the murals and others spent the day with the kids at the CDI.

Several of the team members experienced a once-in-a-lifetime kind of day. Arrangements were made for team members to meet the children they sponsor through Compassion International. Three children and their family members traveled from Tegucigalpa, and two children and their families came from San Pedro Sula. They were met at the church and then were able to spend the day taking them to the beach, to lunch, and some time at a pool. What a joy to meet our sponsored children and see the joy on their faces of experiencing the beach for the very first time! There were a lot of tears and hugs as goodbyes were said to them at the end of the day. Being able to see our sponsored children face to face was amazing!

Tonight, we gathered for a dinner with all the mission team members and their host families. If you can imagine, it was a very large group¡! Rob had brought a huge duffel bag full of glow sticks, and he shared them around to the 100+ people in attendance. They sure came in handy when the power went out just a short time into our dinner!  We were able to continue the dinner after the guys helped to move their generator to the area in which we were eating. After dinner, everyone had a chance to stand up and share gratitude with their host families and also share what God had been doing in their life over the past few days. There was a lot of laughter and tears. God has been up to great things in just a short period of time.

We have been blessed with good health, and we look forward to tomorrow when we will be going out to the community and deliver food to families in need.

Until tomorrow

2017 Mission Team