Day 4 – Wednesday

Hola, CRC!

Day 4 began with a devotional from Pastor Rossel sharing his story with us. His birth mother did not raise him, and she left him to be raised by a friend. He was only there for a few months before he was sent to live with yet another family. He stayed with them until he was a teenager. There was a great deal of questioning in his heart of why his mother didn’t want him, and there were times he did not feel like living—then he met Jesus. Jesus changed everything. And slowly, the hurt and loneliness was filled by Jesus. It was another wonderful reminder that Jesus makes all the difference and can heal our broken hearts.


The team shared in another day of seeing God’s hand at work. The guys went out to the new church site to continue to move mountains (more like huge piles of rocks). Gravel and sand were dumped to lay the foundation of the church floor. They were tasked with leveling the piles. After several hours, they felt as if they barely made a dent. If only they had a backhoe. One of the guys at the church knew a guy in construction working a short distance away, so they paid him a visit, and convinced him to come over for an hour to assist them. What a difference a backhoe makes¡¡!! The plan is to have more gravel and sand delivered so the base can be laid by the end of the week.


The girls at the Child Development Center (CDI) had a blast playing card games, laughing, and having devotional time with the kids. Painting continued on the new CDI classrooms, with Brittany adding her creative hand to more murals. Another group of kids was able to get haircuts today as well.


One of the highlights today was throwing a baby shower for 19 expectant mothers who have been coming to the clinic for care. We played games, the nurses shared vital information for providing first aid to their infants and children, we enjoyed refreshments, and then we showered them all with big gift bags full of essential items needed for their newborns. Kathy even made them homemade hooded towels for their babies using the sewing machines in the workshop.


Tonight was the first time the team gathered at their church to worship with our friends at Iglesia Gran Comision. It is always so awesome to hear familiar worship songs in another language. Together, we all shared communion and a night of prayer and worship.


Thank you for your prayers for this missions’ team! This is about the time people begin to get fatigued. We are grateful for the health of our team, so please join us in praying that it continues.


Until tomorrow


2017 Mission Team