Day 3 – Tuesday

Hola, CRC!

We will do our best to share what we experienced today, but it will be hard to describe, as the heartfelt experiences are ones which can’t be completely captured by words.

Today was the day to drive to a remote community that had no access to electricity and deliver solar lights to families there. The team drove two hours from La Ceiba into a community that was full of cattle ranches and palm fields, where many residents harvest palm oil. The views were amazing, but the hikes to get from house to house were challenging. Several of the team members fit bits were going crazy with a number of steps they got in today. We were blessed by a local family who let us share their home for a staging area to launch our teams and have lunch. Some of the side benefits of the day were seeing monkeys, huge pigs, and tasting fresh coconut, sugar cane and cocoa.

It was a privilege to not only share physical light with these families but also the light of Christ. Many people prayed to receive Christ, and so many were grateful for the visit, as they live so removed from any civilization. We will not soon forget the richness of this day—conversations with team members as we hiked between houses, the beauty of the area, and the wonderful people we met. The family of God grew today—to God be the Glory¡!

Until tomorrow

2017 Mission Team