Day 2—Monday

Hola, CRC!

The team began the day with a devotional from Pastor Fredi, reminding us that God has a plan for all of our lives in reaching the world. He also shared his testimony and the power of forgiveness. Vilma, their church administrator, shared how they have seen God’s hand at work in their church. It all began with a church, and it continued the addition of the Total Health (Medical Clinic), the CDI, Total Home, Total Workshop, and now the addition of another church on the west side of La Ceiba.
What a blessing to have a large team! We were able to put several teams together on many different projects. Here are a few:
  • Lisa got to work cutting hair for the kids at the CDI
  • Two teams are working on the house we are building and working at the new church site
  • Painting the new CDI classrooms which were built with the $ from the Beans & Rice campaign at The Ridge
  • Teaching the kids about what it means to “fear the Lord”
  • Playing games and having fun with temporary tattoos with the kids
  • Introducing the kids to instant snow.
  • Fitting the kids with new sunglasses
  • Shopping for a baby shower we will help host on Wednesday for 20 expectant mothers
  • Loading up the bus with solar lights we will be delivering to a community on Tuesday
We need your prayers regarding a challenge that was encountered today at the site the home is being built. Shortly after the team arrived on site, a man arrived saying that the home was being built on his property, and the work needed to stop. He presented paperwork that proved his ownership. The family for whom the home is being built also had papers showing they purchased the land four years ago. Both look legitimate. The issue needs to be resolved before we can continue work again on the house.
We serve a great big God, and we are praying for a miracle. I know we can count on you to be praying for resolution of this situation!
We are all thanking God for a wonderful first day! Until tomorrow
2017 Mission Team