What happens when 40 high school students and leaders get together at the Ridge for an overnight event? They leave feeling recharged!

Last weekend, Wired high schoolers and some of their guests were able to kick back with each other and their leaders to spend some time growing in their relationships with one another and strengthening their faith.

Through video lessons led by Christian leaders Francis Chan, Beth Moore, Louis Giglio and John Piper, students gathered in large and small groups to listen, learn and then discuss the impact of God’s grace, relationships, the Bible and faith in their lives.

There was also plenty of time for food, fun and social activities, with areas set up for relaxing and discussion, some video games, late-night karaoke, and some friendly competition at basketball, Frisbee and four square (who knew that six-foot squares could be so tough to master?).

Students also played a big role in the Recharge event by leading their fellow students in worship and singing.

Despite a lack of sleep–which tends to happen when high schoolers get together for an overnight event, the students and leaders involved found themselves feeling “recharged” in faith and through friendships as the event came to a close on Saturday evening.