Everything is a gift from God, and giving is an opportunity to express gratitude and recognize what He has done for you. When you give, you’re simply offering Him a portion of your blessings. In the Old Testament, God instructed His people to give a tithe, or a tenth, to represent their portion of goods. Tithing provides a model for New Testament giving today. We encourage you to take the step and start giving faithfully, joyfully, generously, and sacrificially of your earnings while working towards the ability to tithe. The New Testament simply states for each to give according to their income. When you faithfully invest in your church, you’re not only making an impact for others, but also for yourself.

When you put God first in your finances, you’re trusting Him to take care of you, and making it possibles for The Ridge to be an inviting church that leads people into a growing relationship with God and others. God will use your financial giving to change lives in our church, community, state, and world! Your generosity makes a difference.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Chestnut Ridge Church! Without the generous donations of supporters like you none of the work being accomplished at The Ridge would be possible. For your convenience, there are multiple ways to give:

Giving Methods

Your Bank’s Bill Payment Service*

Contact your bill payment service to include Chestnut Ridge Church in your regular weekly and/or monthly payments. Checks can be sent directly the church at 2223 Cheat Road, Morgantown, WV 26508. BB&T Clear Mountain BankHuntingtonUnited BankWesBanco*Best option: No merchant processing fees or finance charges—100% of your donation goes directly to the ministry.

Scheduled Online Giving

You may make, and manage, your giving transactions through the traditional easyTithe online giving portal. Click the Donate button below to make your donations online.   Donate now

For your piece of mind, online donations to CRC are processed by easyTithe through their mobile app, text to give, online giving, and through our physical iPad kiosks in the lobby.

Text to Give

Simply text a $ amount to 304-470-4078. You will receive a link to register your information with easyTithe’s secure site. It’s as easy as that! If you would like to give to a specific fund, then type the word “funds” to the phone number. You will receive a list of current funds. Type in your dollar amount and the name of the fund you wish to give to. To change your credit/debit card number, text the word “reset” to phone number above and you will receive the link to reset your card information.

Mobile App

easyTithe has a new mobile app for on-the-go donations. Donors can access and manage their own giving directly from their mobile devices with the easyTithe mobile app. More than just another giving option, the mobile app puts you directly in charge of your donation methods, recurring giving, and fund allocations. Enter Chestnut Ridge Church for the organization name and 26508 for the zip code. You may create a new, or use your existing, easyTithe account to begin giving with the mobile app. Download the app by clicking below:   

Cash and Checks

We accept cash and checks in the offering buckets during the services. Please make your checks payable to Chestnut Ridge Church. Also, you may mail your check to: Chestnut Ridge Church, 2223 Cheat Road, Morgantown, WV 26508.

Employer Matching Gifts

Contact your company’s Human Resources Department and ask if they participate with their employees in a matching gift program.

Gifts of Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds

You may be able to save capital gains taxes and receive a charitable deduction for the full fair market value for gifts of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. If you wish to give this type of gift to the church, then please contact Ashley Boateng at (304) 594-0548 or by email at for more information.

Will and Living Trust

Interested in helping Chestnut Ridge Church continue to help people in a growing relationship with God and others for years to come?  A simple, flexible and versatile way to ensure we can change lives for years to come is a gift in your will or living trust, known as a charitable bequest.  A charitable bequest is one or two sentences in your will or living trust that leave to CRC a specific item, amount of money, a gift contingent upon a certain event, or a percentage of your estate.  In addition, giving to the church in your bequest also enables you to receive federal estate tax charitable deductions. By including a bequest to Chestnut Ridge Church in your will or living trust, you are ensuring that God’s invitation to have an eternal relationship with Him will continue to be offered in our local community and beyond.

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Where do my donations go?
General Operating Fund: Donations to Chestnut Ridge Church support our General Operating Fund. This fund makes the day-to-day ministries and services of the church possible. Special Funds: Periodically, opportunities to designate a donation to a specific ministry initiative become available. Missions and Benevolence are two examples of ministry-initiative funds. To designate your contribution to a specific fund, simply indicate the name of the initiative (e.g., Benevolence, Missions, etc.) on the memo line of your check or on your envelope.
How does The Ridge uphold financial accountability?
Chestnut  Ridge Church is committed to honoring God’s provision by exercising wise and faithful stewardship, ethical business practices, and full accountability to ensure the financial integrity of Chestnut Ridge Church remains above reproach. We accomplish this through a system of internal controls and an internal budgeting and reporting process.


  • An annual compilation is performed by an independent certified public accounting firm.
  • Anyone may request a copy of Chestnut Ridge Church’s most recently compiled  financial statements. Contact us or call (304)594-0548  to ask general questions about our financial practices.
How late in the year can I make a donation and receive credit for this year’s taxes?
Per IRS regulations, contributions for each year must be received or postmarked by December 31st of that year in order to receive donation credit for that year’s tax purposes. Please submit your online, mailed, or in-person donation accordingly.

Chestnut Ridge Church is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.