Facility Use

We believe that our facility should be used as a tool for reaching people for Christ. We view it as just a tool-a building-and not a sacred place. We are the temple of God, not this building. We believe in being very strategic in how we use this facility. The priority for building usage will relate to alignment with the ministry and mission of the church. Therefore, as a rule, we will not allow activities that will distract us from our mission. We also will not allow activities that are inconsistent with our understanding of biblical teaching, or may be dishonoring to Christ and reflect negatively on the church.

  • All weddings will be performed according to our Wedding Policies.
  • We believe that it is important to use the facility to its fullest for the kingdom of God.
  • We believe that this facility should be used to serve the community. We want to reclaim the idea that the church can be the center of a community. We believe that opening our doors to the community is a bridge-building activity.
  • We believe that renting the facility for secular events can provide an opportunity for people to become exposed to Chestnut Ridge Church – who and what we are.
  • We believe that rental income can provide a way to recoup some of the investment we’ve made in this facility.
  • We believe that most events that occur in this facility should “pay for themselves.”
  • As a rule, we only allow churches who agree with us doctrinally to use our facility for events, especially when an event will be advertised to the general public. Each request by a church will be evaluated on an individual basis.

If you are interested in renting our facility please call our church office @ 304-594-0548