The Ask Series & Prayer

You are invited to CRC Prays 24—a 24-hour prayer event beginning here at the church and concluding in your own home. You are invited to take a next step…a step beyond where you have been and toward praying more for your family, the church, our community, state, region and world.

The Ask series has been about listening to God’s invitation to talk with Him about everything we face in life. As Christians, one of the most powerful and underutilized resources we have is prayer, and together, we’ve been learning more about talking to God through prayer.

Date & Time

Friday, September 29, at 7pm
Saturday, September 30, at 7pm

Event Time

CRC Prays 24 (at the church):
on Friday, September 29:
7–8pm, for acoustic worship, prayer, and a message by Pastor Tim;
8pm–midnight, for an extended time of prayer at the church

including PRAYER TIME (at your home):
7pm, on Friday, September 29
7pm, on Saturday, September 30
(sign-up for a time to pray)

Choose a time

What should you pray for during your 30-minute time? Please click [HERE] for the list of prayer needs.


Additional Prayer Opportunity

When the CRC Prays 24 worship event at the church concludes at 8pm, on Friday, September 29, there will be an extended time of prayer at the church, through midnight, where you will be able to join together with others in smaller groups to be praying for:

  • God’s leading at Chestnut Ridge Church,
  • His will to be clearly seen,
  • the direction we are headed as a church body,
  • the various ministries,
  • the church leadership,
  • how we might continue to impact the next and future generations,
  • outreach into the community—local, state, region and world,
  • how we can continue to be an inviting church,
  • how we would be a church as Jesus Christ would intend,
  • and more.

At the conclusion of the event at midnight, you are invited to continue to pray at home for these things and more. You are encouraged to sign up for 1/2-hour time slots to commit to pray at your own home, your place of work or wherever you choose to pray. Feel free to sign up for as many times as you are willing. Should you be unable to attend the CRC Prays 24 event at the church, please be encouraged to sign up to pray at home.

In Summary

  • Attend CRC Prays 24 at the church on Friday, September 29, from 7–8pm.
  • Stay and pray for an hour or more at the church, on Friday, September 29, from 8pm–midnight.
  • Commit to praying as a part of the larger church body by choosing one or more 30-minute blocks of time during a 24-hour period from Friday, September 29, at 7pm, through Saturday, September 30, at 7pm.


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