Sunday, December 3, was the big reveal for the amount pledged toward Beyondand the total was…

[…Do you hear the drum roll?…]

The total was $2,024,686!

Pledges are still coming in—even this past weekend—so this number is expected to grow! This total also includes a few in-kind gifts where some have offered to donate their expertise, services, materials or labor toward the completion of projects. As Pastor Tim explained on Sunday, this total is the amount pledged, not money which has already been received. As money comes in and pledges are fulfilled, the Board of Trustees and church leadership plan to allocate the money based on the following goals:

  • Impacting the next generation — continuing to make a generational investment by providing opportunities for the church to purposefully engage the next generation. This would be done through enhancements and expansion of the current children’s and youth areas and creating a larger group meeting space for middle school, high school and college-aged students.
  • Creating irresistible environments — creating welcoming and attractive environments which will reach our culture and our community. This will be done through technology improvements, infrastructure changes and repairs for an aging building and systems.
  • Allocation of resources — retiring a portion of the church’s debt in order to provide for a sound and stable financial future for the church, thus allowing more of the monthly giving to go toward ministry.
  • Outreach into the community — fulfilling the mandate to “go” and “make disciples” by expanding our current ministry partnerships, developing new relationships, and recognizing the spiritual and physical needs of those in our community, state, region and world.

If you’re interested in learning more about the goals and objectives of Beyond, you can find information in the brochure, the brochure FAQs, and additional Qs & As that have been submitted. You are also welcome to ask members of the Board of Trustees, church leadership or staff.

If you haven’t yet become a part of Beyond, please stop by the info kiosk in the center of the lobby to pick up a commitment card and make your pledge toward the future of the church, or you can fill out an electronic version of the card [here]. Don’t forget to also pick up a Beyond bracelet or two!