This past weekend Wired [high school] students and leaders spent the weekend at Camp Harmony, in Hooversville, PA (outside of Somerset) for Fall Wired Weekend. It was a time for students to get away from their everyday life, and grow closer to God and one another for a couple of days.

So how many of you know what GaGa Ball, Pharisees, and Signs are? How about Capture the Flag? Ok…you might know that one. The high schoolers had fun with some games over the weekend, but they also dug deeper into the Word, their walk with God, and their relationships with one another by going through the Guardrails study, spending time in small-group discussions, participating in a foot-washing ceremony, and enjoying some downtime alone with God.

Chestnut Ridge Church is committed to impacting the next generation by providing opportunities to purposefully engage with students who are growing up here, inviting their friends and seeking to make a difference in their community and culture. The Wired high school students are one of the groups to which we’re committed, and Beyond will continue to provide even more of a future for them in their relationship with God and others!