On Sunday, November 12th, those who attend Chestnut Ridge Church and call it home were invited to join in a financial commitment to BeyondThe total amount pledged will be shared with the church congregation during the services on Sunday, December 3rd.

Your pledge to Beyond will make a way for you, your family, our church, and people in the community to have a welcoming and inviting place to come. Your pledge will impact the next generation, help to create irresistible environments, make a difference in retiring debt to prioritize ministry, and be used to “go” and “make disciples” through our ministry partners.

Chris Nichols, a member of the congregation and the Board of Trustees, shared some of his story of life change that resulted from others investing into his life. One of the things he shared was how he needed a place like Chestnut Ridge Church—the music, the environments, the building, the message, the people—in order to be willing to step inside the walls and begin a journey. God used all of it to move in the lives of Chris and his wife, Julie. They, in turn and over time, took steps to invest in others through serving, inviting, connecting and gathering with them.

There are hundreds of stories like Chris’s and Julie’s. …stories of life change that have taken place as a result of what others who have come before them did to pave the way. You may even have your own story…we’d love for you to share it!

If you weren’t here last week, or if you didn’t yet have the chance to submit a pledge toward the future of Chestnut Ridge Church, you can stop by the info kiosk in the center of the lobby to pick up a commitment card, or you can fill out an electronic version of the card [here].

Your pledge to Beyond will help to make a way for others, like Chris and Julie.