Anytime through November 19th, you are encouraged to bring new or your gently-used coats, scarves, hats and gloves to the church lobby, and deposit them into the red barrels and bins.

A part of Beyond is making an extra effort to reach out beyond the walls of our church to make a difference in our community, and YOUR VOICE has been heard! The original plan was to collect winter items and directly distribute them to area shelters, schools or centers we’ve partnered with in the past, but many of YOU wanted to also have a day where the community could come into our church building to take a few items they might need for themselves or their family.

Some of you felt so passionately about this, that you stepped up to say, “Let me help! I will do it! I want to help make this happen!”…so, THANK YOU! As a result, items will be sorted week-to-week, and on Sunday, November 19th, from 1–4pm, the lobby will be open for a Winter Coat Community Pick-up Day.

Now, your help is needed in spreading the word. Click [this link], and share it on your own Facebook page. You can also go to the CRC Facebook page, click on the Event, and share it that way.

How else can you make a difference? Let your friends and family know, offer to drive someone who might need a way to get here that day, or feel free to come get a coat for yourself or for a neighbor that needs one.