Monday, March 27 through Sunday, April 2

Eat cheaply (beans & rice, potatoes, ramen, etc.) from Monday through Sunday, then give generously in a special offering on Sunday, April 2, by bringing in the amount you saved.


The money given on April 2, will be pooled together and donated to Chestnut Ridge Church’s sister church in La Cieba, Honduras, Iglesia Gran Comisión. The church has a great need to feed hungry children, add additional classroom space in the Child Development Center, and to buy sewing materials, wood, nails, sandpaper, tools and other materials for the Workshop, where they teach teens a vocational trade. 

Your generosity has the ability to make a huge impact in Honduras! You can read more about our support and missions trips [here]


Morgantown, WV, across the miles to La Cieba, Honduras: Families at Chestnut Ridge Church eating cheaply to be able to give generously to Iglesia Gran Comisión.

Chestnut Ridge Church is joining other Ridge churches in West Virginia to team together to create an awareness, by changing the way we eat for a week and then giving the savings to those in need. Each of the Ridge churches is is supporting different missions, which helps to meet the needs of the poor or less fortunate.


So what should you do?

Eat beans & rice! Beans & rice is a staple in the diet of the Honduran people and in many nations around the world. You and your family can decide how you will eat differently.

Here are some ideas:

  • Eat beans & rice with, at, or as most of your meals
  • Eat ramen noodles or potatoes for some of your meals
  • Eat all leftovers (throw nothing away)
  • Eat no meat for a week
  • Don’t eat at restaurants
  • Pack your lunch/kids’ lunch every day
  • Drink only water (or coffee, since it comes from a bean)
  • Eat only what you already have in your fridge, cabinets or freezer (no shopping for the week)


Special envelope for cash or check: There will be a special envelope in your weekend program on March 26. Hang onto this envelope and make your savings donation on April 2

You can add your beans & rice savings as cash or check to this envelope, and drop it into the marked boxes near the auditorium exits or in the wall box near the elevator. If you don’t have an envelope, just mark Beans & Rice on the memo line of your check.

Get social!

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Want to share a story about how Beans & Rice Week has sparked a conversation or made a change in your family? Submit your story at stories@chestnutridgechurch.com.