A back-to-school supply drive will kick off at The Ridge on Sunday, July 14th! Many students in Mon County and surrounding areas are in need of essential items for the upcoming school year. We want to make an impact for local students & schools, and we need your help!

We’re asking you to bring backpacks filled with recommended items for students preK through high school from July 14th through July 28th. Drop-off bins will be available in the lobby. Lists of suggested items that you can donate are below. 

You can drop off your donations on Sundays, or you can bring the items to the main church office Monday through Thursday from 9am to 5pm. The donations will be dispersed throughout the county to students in need.


The approach this year is based on the most pressing needs of local schools. Because other organizations and businesses are helping to provide school supplies, we want to provide backpacks with high-need items that are regularly given to kids throughout the school year.

Children will not receive a filled backpack like last year. The items will supply the school’s Food Pantries, Clothing Closets, and Hygiene Supplies and children will receive these items as needed throughout the year. The empty backpacks will be given to children who do not have a backpack, or their backpack is in bad shape.

The backpacks and supplies will be distributed from The Ridge directly to local schools in Mon and Preston counties. To give you an idea of the need in our own area, here are a few statistics:

Preston County | 45% of preK–12th grade students are below the poverty line. There are 118 (known) homeless students. 
Mon County | 35% of preK–12th grade students are below the poverty line. There are 300 (known) homeless students.

What To Do

Purchase a backpack, and fill it with important recommended items for students in elementary, middle school, or high school—any amount helps! Then bring the backpack during the collection period (7/14 through 7/28), and place your donation in the appropriate bin at The Ridge.

Please do NOT include any toys or personal notes.

Collection Dates

July 14th—July 28th


Chestnut Ridge Church
2223 Cheat Road
Morgantown, WV 26508
Drop-off bins are available in the lobby.

Recommended Items

To help nourish children on the weekends when they don’t have enough food to eat at home. Why these items? They don’t require a fridge, stove, microwave, or the assistance from an adult.
Granola Bars | chewy and crunchy
Fruit Cups | all varieties [Click Here for Examples]
Tuna/Cracker Kits & Chicken/Cracker Kits [Click Here for Examples]
To help children when they have dirty or soiled clothes, they are given clean ones. Some children live in homes without a washer and dryer, some children are homeless, and some children simply aren’t cared for properly.
New Socks | boys and girls, all sizes, for PreK–12th grade
New Underwear |boys and girls, all sizes, PreK–12th grade
New T-shirts | Solid colors except white, no graphics, boys and girls, all sizes, PreK–12th grade
For a variety of reasons, whether economic or proper care, children do not have basic hygiene supplies at home so these items are made available to them at school. 
Toothbrushes & Toothpaste | kid/adult sizes and flavors
Deodorant | boys and girls
Bars of Soap

Because of the Beyond initiative, we are able to implement more community outreach programs such as Backpack To School. Our goal is to do as much as we can for others in and around The Ridge. Backpack To School is a step in that direction, and will help make a difference in the lives of local students. With support from Beyond, we are able to begin making an impact, and we’re excited for what we can all achieve together. If you’d like to contribute to the Beyond initiative, click here.