Honduras Mission Trip:  August 2016 – Day 8

Honduras Mission Trip: August 2016 – Day 8

Hello Everyone,

Our last full day in Honduras was a beautiful one.  Our wonderful hosts at Iglesia Gran Comision love to show off their country and treated us to a wonderful day that began with Ziplining.  We harnessed up and had an awesome time flying through the trees!  From there we enjoyed an afternoon of relaxation at the beach at the Palma Real Resort.


One of our team members, Aaron Wargo, summed up our time well: “After a week of hard work, we learned you don’t have to go on a mission trip to be a missionary.  You can spread God’s word & His love any time, anywhere.  It’s been an honor to serve & spend time this week with this mission team.  Muchas gracias Iglesia Gran Comision!”

We made our way back to La Ceiba to wash up for one last church service with our new friends.  Here’s our team with the pastors and their wives after the service last night.  And, this picture of Emily Black pretty much sums up how we are feeling about leaving on Sunday.  It has been an incredible week of getting close with our team members, making new friends, and seeing our God in a much bigger way.  Thank you so much for your prayers and your support this past week.



Bright and early Sunday morning we will make our way to the airport in San Pedro Sula to make our flight back to the States.  We look forward to seeing you in person to share our experience with you.

Hasta luego!

Honduras Mission Trip: August 2016 – Day 7

Honduras Mission Trip: August 2016 – Day 7

Hello Everyone,

Bruce Lane lead our devotional time today. He began by asking the question, “Are you called to Missions?”





The work of Christian missions is the call of every single follower of Jesus Christ. To be a missionary is literally to be one sent out on a mission. Each of us has been sent out with an explicit mission. We are not only invited but are commissioned to proclaim the love of God shown in Christ through our love of God and neighbor. We looked at Matthew 28:29-30 and Acts 1:8.


As we grow in faithfulness to Christ and his Kingdom, we must reclaim this central vision of the Christian life: to be a disciple is to a missionary! For the Christian, the call to missions is never a a questions of “if” but is simply a questions of “where”. We live in a pure mission field and people won’t move spiritually until they are connected socially. The social connections makes the spiritual connection possible. Invite and invest!


We went to work finishing up the house and spending our last day with the kids at the CDI. It was an emotional day as we said goodbye to the precious children we got to know all week. Their hugs, smiles and joy will be forever in our hearts and memories. The afternoon was a very special time as we dedicated the house to Marcia and her children. Another memory that won’t be soon forgotten.


After the dedication we left to have our picture taken at the “La Ceiba” sign. From there we made our way to find some souvenirs in downtown La Ceiba and enjoy dinner together as a team.

Until tomorrow…


Honduras Mission Trip: August 2016 – Day 6

Honduras Mission Trip: August 2016 – Day 6

Hello Again,

The skies have cleared with the passing of Hurricane Earl.  We are grateful that we didn’t get the high winds and the amount of rain that was expected.
Randy and Megan Williams led our devotional time this morning which focused on mission work being “hands on” and that Jesus was hands on.  We read Mark 1:40-45.  Jesus put his hands on the leper to heal him.  The power of touch is strong.  Jesus could use his words to heal but he wanted to touch the leper.  Jesus knew what the leper needed – His touch.  We were reminded that we are to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Our touch shows the love of God around us.  We all talked about slowing down and to stop being so busy.




We were grateful for the break in weather so that we could continue work on the house.  The shipment of gravel arrived and we were able to mix cement to finish pouring the floors in the house.  We were also able to start running the electrical as well.



Megan continued work in the clinic organizing medicine in the pharmacy.  Emily and Sam led games with the CDI kids.  And, Doug finished his counseling training with the pastors.  We all gathered late afternoon to load up the truck to deliver food packages to families in the surrounding community.  It was a huge blessing to meet many of the families and share a little love with them.  It is always wonderful to hear how much they appreciate Iglesia Gran Comision and how grateful they are to be a part of a great church family.  A day we won’t soon forget.


Tonight is the night we have the CDI cooks cater a meal to honor and thank our host families.  It is a great time to get the team and all the host families together and share words of thanks for how they have blessed us and made our trip here so meaningful.  It makes the experience so rich to be able to stay with families from the church here and to see firsthand what hospitality is all about.



Tomorrow will be a full day as we finish up our projects and present the house to the family.  The house will be given to Marcia.  She is widowed and has two children; an 8 year old boy and a 4 year old girl.  Her husband left her for another woman and he was shot after getting involved with a gang.  She and her children have all been living in one small bedroom in her father’s home which is next door to where we are building her house.  She and all her children will each have their own bedrooms in her new house.

We look forward to sharing pictures of the dedication

Honduras Mission Trip: August 2016 – Day 5

Honduras Mission Trip: August 2016 – Day 5

Hello Everyone,
Thank you so much for your prayers.  We are all safe and survived Hurricane Earl.  In fact, as God always does, He surprised us with unexpected blessings as a result of the rains.  No work could be done outside today so we made our way to the church and found inside work instead.
Hector Galeas led our devotional time this morning.  Hector volunteers and works part-time at the church in the workshop.  His devotional centered on Proverbs 1:7 – The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom & instruction. It is relying on HIs knowledge and wisdom that helps us can make wise choices.  One of the questions he often asks himself to stay focused on what God wants in his life is “What can I do to help?”




If you take a look at the pictures today you will see why today became an unexpected blessing.  Since the guys couldn’t work outside they were able to work around the church and CDI with painting projects and finishing the stage background at the church.  This gave them time to play with the kids from the CDI.  The sheer joy on their faces and their laughter is infectious.  Megan and Bruce went shopping with Hector’s wife Lorena for items to fill the house they are building.  They also bought school supplies and computer monitors for the CDI.  With those additional monitors and the equipment we brought down, Rob was able to get 7 computers up and running for the school.  This will be such a blessing to the older kids who come to the CDI!






Because of the heavy rains, the church’s Wednesday night service was cancelled and families were encouraged to stay at home.  After dinner with our host families, we gathered at Pastor Fredi’s house for game night.




Again, thank you for all your prayers.  We will probably be dealing with more rain on Thursday as the bands from the backside of Earl swing through.  But, we hope to get some outside work done in between the rains.  Continued prayers that we can finish the house on time and that families stayed safe through the storm are very much appreciated.






Until tomorrow . . .

Honduras Mission Trip: August 2016 – Day 4

Honduras Mission Trip: August 2016 – Day 4

Hola Everyone,

We began our day with a devotional time which has been one of the favorite parts of our day.  Doug Saesan led our time today.  Doug shared a message about the Israelites and how they missed out on God’s best because they didn’t obey God completely.  The same is true for us.  Are we missing out on His best because we are “partially” obeying what He is asking of us? Our prayer is that we would be “all in”!  Pastor Rossel also asked for prayer for the GCLA church in Venezuela.  He read a letter from their pastor, who moved to that church from Tegucigalpa, Honduras recently.  Many in the church are in despair as a result of a lack of food and jobs in Venezuela.


Off to work – we know that there are specific things God has called us to do here and yet we all want to stay behind and play with the kids.  Their smiles and joy are infectious.  We really enjoy the time we get to spend with them at the beginning and end of each work day.  Bruce, Randy, Rob, Aaron, Jason and Doug went to work digging the hole for the septic tank.  They probably wished there was a backhoe available, but picks and shovels were the tools of the day.  They also moved all the cinderblocks from the road to line the walls of the hole.  Megan continued her work at the clinic and then joined the guys to dig the last shovelfuls of dirt from the septic hole.

Emily and Samantha enjoyed their time with the kids.  Today they had the students recount the promises of God.  They reminded the kids that God will never break His promises and that His love is never-ending.  They all made Jesus fish out of pipe cleaners and beads.  Then they played games which included POGS – for all you 90’s kids 🙂
Halfway through each day, the cooks from the CDI always prepare an amazing lunch.  Below is a picture of our team enjoying lunch together in much appreciated air conditioning.

We enjoy walking home to our host homes together and sharing parts of our day with each other.  Tonight we will either enjoy a night in with our host families or treat them to dinner out in La Ceiba.

We appreciate your prayers for our day on Wednesday as Tropical Storm Earl is set to pass by the north shore where we are in Honduras.  While we are not overly concerned, we will experience very heavy rains here and hope that it doesn’t delay the completion of the house we are building or the delivery of the Solar Light kits.

Thanks so much for your support and for your prayers…until tomorrow…