Missing church? Consider hosting church at home!

Imagine what would happen if we didn’t just watch church, but started experiencing it before the building reopens. While watching church online has some benefits, it can’t replace the connection that happens before, during, or after a service. After all, it’s people that make the church.
You can play a part in creating an impactful experience for your friends, family, and neighbors by hosting The Ridge at Home. Here’s how:


Invite one or two people or families to your home to watch the service on Sundays or any day of the week. 


Watch the worship set and message using our app,
Facebook, YouTube, or theridge.church/live. Set up a TV, computer, or tablet outside or in a large room to watch together!



Take the conversation further, and discuss the message for a few minutes or as long as your group wants to!


Wrap up your time by sharing in prayer together before you go.


CDC Guidelines for Gathering

Ridge Kids at Home

Discussion Questions

Need help getting started?

If you need our help getting started or after you start, let us know—we’d love to help!


Who can host The Ridge at Home?
Anyone who feels comfortable hosting people in their home, backyard, or driveway.
What's the safest way to host?

We recommend following all current social distancing guidelines and wearing masks when you’re in close proximity. If you have any symptoms of illness, have recently been sick, or have come in contact with someone who is sick, we kindly ask that you please do not host or attend a Ridge at Home gathering at this time.

How can we engage our kids at home?

Whether you do this within your own family or include others, we have resources that will help you from worship to discussions and even prayer at home. Visit theridge.church/kidsresources to find a guide that will help you lead your kid spiritually after they watch a worship experience that is developmentally appropriate for them. Remember, you are the biggest spiritual influence on your child, and our goal is to help your child to fall in love with Jesus!

Should my small group host The Ridge at Home?
This is up to you! Some small groups meet on weekdays to connect and study God’s word. Our services are available to watch any day of the week. If your small group wants to meet on Sundays to watch it live, that’s great, too! 
What's the best way to host The Ridge at Home?
Any way you want! The goal is to spend time together worshiping, learning, and connecting. Get creative or keep it casual—make an experience that is best for you and your guests. 
I'm not ready to host The Ridge at Home—can I join one instead?

The Ridge at Home currently exists from personal invites from hosts. If you are new to The Ridge and want to meet others and get connected, we’d love to help! Simply fill out this form and we’ll be in touch with you.

Not ready to meet in person? You can host a watch party online!

Many people aren’t comfortable meeting in groups yet—and that’s okay! We stream the Sunday services on our app, Facebook Live, YouTube, and at theridge.church/live, so you can host a watch party. If you join us on Facebook for a watch party, you can live chat with your friends during the service! 

“It’s been great to add that element of fellowship and connection that we really missed from going to church during this time.” – Colin

“Our family looks forward to The Ridge at Home every week. Consistently being with others has helped me, my husband, and son grow even more in our relationship with Christ, and we enjoy the fellowship with our friends who invited us over.” – Loriann

“When church at home ends I’m already looking forward to seeing our new friends the following week. As someone who is newer to the Ridge, it has been the most welcoming and supportive
church environment I’ve been
a part of.”
– Rebecca

“During quarantine, my wife and I struggled to watch the service online alone. Now that we host people for church, we have a set time and place for gathering and it has become my favorite part of the week.” – Brenton