Around The Ridge, we talk a lot about getting connected. That’s because we believe that being involved in a group is the best way for you to grow in your relationship with God and others. God designed you for community, which means that you can’t do life alone.

Online groups last about one hour and include time to connect with others, learn from the Bible, and share prayer requests. Hundreds of people from The Ridge are connecting online, and we’d love for you to try a group this week.

For a full list of available group options and to register, click the button below.

Short-Term Groups

Short-Term Groups are small groups who meet for 4-6 weeks at the church to learn what the Bible says about specific topics. Offered at various times throughout the year, there are groups for men, women and couples. For more information about Short-Term Groups, click here.

Community Groups

Community Groups are small groups who meet weekly in someone’s home for social time, Bible study and prayer. They are for adults of all ages, stages of life and spiritual maturity. There are groups for parents of pre-schoolers, empty nesters, married couples, men, women, singles and more. For info on how to lead or get connected with a Community Group, click here

Care Groups

Care groups are places to find help and encouragement through many of life’s defining moments. Some of the Care groups at The Ridge are Men’s & Women’s Support Groups, Divorce Care, Grief Share, Financial Peace, and Smart Step-family. To learn more about Care groups going on now, visit the Events page or explore the website.

Ridge Singles

Ridge Singles is where unmarried adults can gather together to explore relevant topics, experience fun and serve together in the community. It isn’t a dating service, but it exists to connect singles with other singles to form authentic friendships and build a sense of community with one another through shared experiences, common social interests and serving others.