What To Expect

The engaging music, the relevant messages and the creative environments here at The Ridge have all been designed with you in mind. It’s our goal to create a place where you can feel comfortable, to answer your questions and to help you take your next step—whatever that might be.

A typical service at The Ridge last a little over an hour. Kids programs are available during both Sunday morning services [birth-8th grade].

What should I wear?
Whatever makes you comfortable. We’re not concerned about what’s going on on the outside. If it helps you out, many of our pastors often wear jeans.
What is the music like?

Our live band usually consists of guitars, bass, drums, and keys.  We want to sing songs that have deep meaning, but are easy to understand and come from the heart.

Will I be asked to give money?

If you’re new and checking things out, we want you to experience the service as our guest. The offering is a time for those who consider Chestnut Ridge Church their home church. Don’t worry – no one will be watching to see if you give.

What is the environment like?

We understand that church might be a little outside of your comfort zone – and that’s okay. That’s why we try very hard to help you feel at home while you’re here. We want you to feel relaxed, and remove any barriers that make it harder for you to connect with God and others. You’ll find fresh coffee, comfortable seats and a casual environment that sets the tone for you to be focused on God, and less distracted by the things around you. We meet for about an hour, and our typical service consists of singing, an offering, and a message. We celebrate communion on the first weekend of each month.

What about my kids?

Children and student’s programming [birth-8th grade] is available during both Sunday services. Here, age-appropriate small groups and experienced leaders help your children learn about God in exciting and relevant ways. If you need help finding the area for your children, please ask someone at Guest Services in the lobby.

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