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This Summer in kidZONE kids get to CHOOSE THEIR OWN ROOMS!                                                          Each week, kids can choose which room they would like to attend for the day!

Red Room – Make It (art & crafts)
Lg Group Room- Groove It (dance/hula hoops)
Purple Room – Play it (board games/toys)
Blue Room- Move it (group games/relays)

Kids need to check-in as normal on the computers, then can report to whichever room they would like for the day! At 15 after, all the rooms will go to Large Group for 45 minutes, where we will be learning about what God has to say about FAITH and worshiping God through song and prayer together! Then they will return to the room they were dropped off in for pick-up! It will be fun to spend the summer learning, playing and growing with friends- K-4th!

This summer, during the months of June & July, kidZONE will be learning about faith! We will be focusing on the story of Jesus and how we can be apart of his story. The story of Jesus is the greatest, biggest, most important story of all time. It’s a story that can change your life. It’s a story that can help your life. It’s a story about your life. Each week we will learn about Jesus’ story from someone in the Bible and how it radically changed their life.  We are excited to offer an 9-week Devotional for your family and kids that follows along with what we will be studying in kidZONE. The cost of the book is $10. Stop by the kidZONE Desk upstairs to order yours!

We also are doing something special this summer. Each child will be getting a passport for this summer as we travel through the bible learning about faith. If your child completes either the GodTime Card or the corresponding week in the devotional AND they bring it back to show it to a leader they will get a stickers for their passport. At the end of the summer, the children who received every sticker will get a special prize!

GodTIme Week 1

GodTime Week 2

GodTIme Week 3

GodTime Week 4